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Personal Climate Controlled Storage Units and Services in Singapore

It can be hard to keep track of all the things, gifts, homewares and nostalgic pieces you’ve compiled over the years, but it’s even harder storing them! You want to protect your things, keep them safe, all without cluttering your own home. That’s where EBC Lifestyle Hub comes in, offering quality and protected self-storage services in Singapore, featuring aircon and climate control to ensure a consistent humidity and temperature.

Who uses aircon self storage services?


Sentimental Treasures

There are many treasures we just can’t bin – childhood toys, first walkmans, CDs that transport us to another time, and all the sentimental secrets we possess. Store them with EBC Self-Storage! We’ll keep your joys safe with our personal storage spaces. Perhaps one day, you will be able to pass them to your special ones. That burning red fire truck will have a new home with your loved one! Choose EBC for excellent rental.

Moving / Renovation Depository

If you’re just in-between homes or are renovating your place, keep your furniture safe with EBC’s temporary storage service in Singapore. Perfectly accessible 24-hours a day, so you can start your move whenever you wish!


Personal Collection/Artists/Hobbyists

“Get it out of the house! I can’t stand that thing!” – A familiar phrase for those gender specific things? Your partner might not be able to stand it, but your buddies / girlfriends love it! So, store it with EBC’s self-storage units by filling a quick form! Get a quote for your very own personal storage space by clicking here.

  • 23-26 degree celsius

  • 24-hours air conditioning

  • Pest control performed periodically

  • Suitable for storing leather items, mattresses and other fabric items

  • Room temperature

  • 24-hours access

  • Pest control performed periodically

  • Suitable for storing items that do not require lower humidity

  • Examples such as storing company documents.

Enquire today to find out more

These storage spaces are available for rent to customers throughout Singapore. We have designed these spaces to lock and secure all your valuables and possessions, giving you more space in your own home for the more important things. For more information on our storage services or office leases, be sure to get in touch with our team in Singapore for a free quote or consultation on your possessions.

Otherwise, contact us for more information.