New Beginnings – Part 3

New Beginnings | In Support of Care Singapore | EBC Self Storage Life Transitions Part 3 – YouTube

Healing the cracks in a relationship(s) will take time and sometimes, a little outside help is needed before we can come together again… No matter how difficult things seem, there is always hope.
We should not give up, there is no such thing as an ending. Just a New Beginning.

EBC self storage presents Part 3 of 3 series of short videos where a family undergoes turbulent changes which other people too…might face, at some point in their lives.

Every story has and end but in life every ending is just a New Beginning…Storing things may seem inconsequential, yet at times, the smallest of things could have a profound impact on our lives.

Are the things stored just rubbish which we can’t bear to throw? Or memories for us to treasure?

Join us on this journey while we attempt to tell the untold stories of the various emotions that come about when people chose to store things while bringing awareness to a cause.

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