EBC Makes Storage Easy



EBC Makes Storage Easy



EBC Makes Storage Easy



EBC Makes Storage Easy

We Offer the BEST Value-for-Money for Work+Storage+ClubFacilities in Singapore!

Personal or Business: Why Storage Spaces Are Essential In Singapore

With rising property and rental costs of offices alongside the trend of small open-concept shared workspaces, the abundance of space is a benefit not all Singaporean home and office owners can enjoy. This makes extra storage space essential for every property owner in Singapore.

Although these facilities do not provide a permanent space solution, they do serve as a temporary and affordable option to meet storage needs. From renovations, relocation, seasonal businesses or archiving to even deaths, storehouses ensure that all items are kept in easily accessible and secure locations.

Moreover, the presence of clutter in a living space can not only be a sore to the eyes but is also hazardous. Instead of having personal belongings and business documents cluttering living spaces or offices, storehouses allow for the convenient organisation of essential items.

We may offer one of the cheapest storage space, but our range of office and storage space services in Singapore are of industry standards and is nothing short of quality. They include:


  1. Personal Units
  2. Serviced Offices
  3. Climate-Controlled Wine Storage Units
  4. Lifestyle Hub

Make EBC Your Choice Storage Service Provider in Singapore

EBC is Singapore’s leading all-in-one hub for work, storage and relaxation. Our lifestyle hub was set up with one goal – offer an all-in-one place to work, store goods, and chill out with friends and business associates. We provide work and storage space solutions to solve problems of clutter and disorganisation. Whether you simply require a place to work, retrieve belongings or store items, EBC ensures to provide you with 24/7 access and round-the-clock security for units you choose to rent in our wholly-owned facility in Singapore. So why make us your choice storage service provider in Singapore?

1. Right Infrastructure

We are fitted with a covered carpark, ramps, easy access points, spacious cargo lifts and wide walkways so any loading and unloading is a breeze.

2. Top-notch Security

Our facility is monitored round-the-clock by closed-circuit television and all events are digitally recorded. This ensures that all your belongings are kept safe and secure.

3. Personalised Security

Your unit comes with a personal access code or access card. The date and timing of every access are recorded by our security system.

4. Clean, Spacious, and Well-lit Facility

Our facility is well lit at all times and is maintained at the highest level of hygiene to ensure your belongings are kept well.

5. Accessible 24/7!

There are no ‘Closed’ days at EBC, so you have full access to your self-storage unit anytime.

6. Free Use Of Trolleys

You are always welcome to make use of our Trolleys – available free-of-charge – to help you cart your belongings with ease.

7. We're a LifeStyle Hub

We have a sky garden, a clubhouse, a childcare centre and a delicatessen – all under one roof! Come, relax and chill at EBC.

8. We're Here To Help!

At EBC, we offer valuable packing tips, consultation and other fulfilment services to ensure you get what you need at the best possible rate.

Personal Storage Space Solution For Rent

At EBC, we provide a temporary home for your belongings. With living spaces in Singapore getting smaller due to space constraints, accommodating all possessions while maintaining a de-cluttered and spacious home becomes a challenging feat. With our wide range of affordable quality storage spaces that come in various sizes and duration for rent in Singapore, you can rest assured that all personal belongings and seasonal items are stored safely.

From our years of experience, EBC is also aware that storing some fragile and valuable items have specific requirements such as lower humidity and temperatures. We thus offer both air-conditioned and non-air-conditioned units, including our wine units so that you can rest assured that your items are protected from quality degradation.

Flexible Office and Storage Space Option For Your Reputed Business in Singapore

EBC provides highly competitive office space for SMEs and business owners aiming to expand their businesses. Young companies may not be able to afford a conventional office and business owners may not find relocating feasible. As such, we provide entrepreneurs with the flexible and economically-savvy alternative of serviced offices in Singapore. Our highly affordable working spaces are ideal for businesses looking to set up offices with minimal capital expenditure and our club facilities make it easy to relax and balance work with leisure.

Storing business documents, sales kits, seasonal displays, products, event props and seldom-used equipment can also become a burden to businesses. EBC provides wholesalers, SMEs, sales personnel and e-commerce business owners with the best-space-saving solutions. Our business storage rental services are a flexible and cheaper alternative that saves you additional overhead costs that come with renting huge warehouses in Singapore. Therefore, if you lack space in your office and need to organise records and seasonal business products, our facilities can help your enterprise save rental costs.


Contact Us Now For The Best Rate!

Our All-In-One Hub for Work+Storage+ClubFacilities is highly accessible by private transport and public transport. Reach us at:

Tel : 6511 2929     Fax: 6338 5486     Email : enquiry@ebclifestylehub.com

What Customers Say About Us

Pricing is competitive! EBC Self-Storage facilities are clean and dry and I have access 24/7. The garden and clubhouse on the 5th floor is a great place to rest.

Sam Abey, Resident of Rivervale Crescent

EBC staffs are very efficient in preparing all necessary documentation. We undoubtedly be recommending EBC to our friends and colleagues.

Christina & Mike, Resident of Woodgrove Walk

EBC's fine wine cellar at Tagore offers the best possible storage conditions for our fine wines. The facility is clean, secured and well laid out. They are top class in every respect and also nice people to do business with.

Desmond Foo, Managing Director of Bid for Wine Singapore & UK

I have to say that everyone I dealt with at EBC was extremely courteous and pleasant! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend EBC to anyone who requires storage space.

Des Cunningham, Resident of Serangoon

I'm very pleased with the service I received at EBC. EBC has been very helpful & accommodating. I will definitely recommend my friends & associates for your self-storage services.

Gina Low, Healinghands.com.sg

Get in Touch Today – We’re Here to Help

We understand your need to store your belongings securely and to retrieve them conveniently. Our large range of highly affordable quality units and club facilities are perfect for budget temporary and economical long-term storage. We are confident that our storage space services will provide you with a substantial reprieve from your working and living space problems.

Should you have specific requirements or queries on our work and storage space for rent, contact us for more information or drop by our facility in Singapore to view our unbeatable clean and well-lit facilities that come with 24/7 access. We’ll be most delighted to offer valuable packing tips, consultation and the ideal solution that will ensure you get what you need at the best possible rate.

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