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Some documents have a lifespan of up to 10 years for bookkeeping purposes. So place them with us to increase maximum office capacity. Access to those archives is available 24hours a day / 7 days a week. You’ll never be left in a bind with EBC, the recognized self-storage business in Singapore!

Wholesalers, Retailers, Distributors

EBC would be a convenient self-storage for your extra inventory or seasonal increase in stock. EBC has many storage options so you have more cost control over the space you actually need month on month. If all your festive stock requires more room, just book a few more units! Once the joy of season has worn off, downsize to your normal operation needs!


Sales Personnel

Our convenient location makes us an obvious choice for sales personnel. Store your sales kits, samples, inventories or even displays or demonstration booths with us. EBC’s around the clock access allows you to grab your sales gear and go!

Seasonal Displays / Products

Christmas trees, Chinese New Year lanterns, festive banners and other seasonal displays are usually bulky and hard to store. With EBC’s self-storage solution, these colourful festive décors are stored well and safe, which means no more dusting the festive decorations! Reliable storage is as easy as EBC.


Event Organisers

Inventory might be industry specific! You can’t use a badminton court mat in a black-tie event right?

Store all those unique inventories with us and retrieve it at your own convenience, whenever your set-up starts! Fill out a quotation questionnaire to see how much it would cost you! Click here.

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